Investing in a better world

Pema Plastics invests in a sustainable world. You might not immediately associate plastic with sustainability. However, as a plastics manufacturer, we want to take our responsibility and make a real difference. This allows us to contribute to a better environment and ensures our clients get socially responsible products.

Recycling plastic

Pema Plastics stimulates a circular economy. As our client, you can collect the rejected products from your own assembly and/or production process and return them to Pema Plastics free of charge. We sort plastic waste by type of plastic and send it to recycling companies. They turn the plastic waste into raw materials that are ready for reuse. This approach helps us minimise our environmental impact.


We can create your injection-moulded products using biobased or bio-degradable plastics. These are plastics made from biomass and plastics that are biodegradable, such as polymers made from corn, potatoes and thermoplastic starch.

Sustainable production site

In 2020, we built a new production facility that has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by 60%. A heat recovery system saves heat and we purchase green power. We have also invested heavily in our electric machinery. By automating our processes and optimising the efficiency of our production with an ERP system, we can save both money and energy in our production process as well.

We can advise you

Would you like to know how Pema Plastics can help you make your product more sustainable? Are you curious whether bioplastics might be suitable for the production of your product? Feel free to contact us.


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