Production process

Your plastic product in seven steps

Idea and advice

Are you looking to develop an entirely new product or improve an existing product? We are happy to provide input. Together, we will map out your wishes and come up with an efficient solution for your product needs.

3D model

Once we have finalised the design specifications, we will create a drawing and turn that into a 3D design. We can also print a model in 3D. When the design has been approved, we will select the right raw material and calculate the production costs.

Mould development and creating a prototype

To create a prototype of the requested product, we have a global partnership with specialised mould developers. It goes without saying that all moulds are extensively tested before the start of production.

In production

During the production process, our machines create and collect log files 24/7. If you want, you can consult these process data yourself. If you want to place a new order for the same product later on, we can resume production straight away.

Assembly and barcode labelling

We can assemble components into semi-finished products or complete final products. We can also add barcode labelling to your plastic product.


We can package your products individually or in bulk. For quality assurance purposes, we inspect products manually before they are packaged.


We make sure the product is ready for transport at the right time. In consultation, we can facilitate transport for businesses and organisations in the Netherlands.

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